About Hydrogen Valley

The term “Hydrogen Valley” refers to a defined geographic area where at least 500 t/y of hydrogen are produced, stored, transported and used in at least two different applications (i.e. mobility, energy production, industrial applications) to create a hydrogen ecosystem that could grow and be replicated on the mid-to-long term and build synergies with other EU Valleys.

HydrogenValleys constitute an optimal framework to create synergies between interdependent regional private and public actors investing in the development of the hydrogen economy that have the possibility to demonstrate ambitious business cases associated to the different uses of hydrogen as well as to contribute to the wider acceptance of hydrogen technologies and to the necessary development of new skills that are needed by the growing hydrogen industry. In particular, AdvancedH2Valley aims at using hydrogen produced in the Loire Valley in different transport sectors (i.e. trucks, light duty vehicles, off-road vehicles) and industrial applications (i.e. manufacturing and hard-to-abate industries).