The AdvancedH2Valley project is built on successful first achievements of H2Ouest3 and VhyGO (Vallée Hydrogène Grand Ouest4), two hydrogen ecosystems initiated by LHYFE, the first renewable pure player at global level, in 2019. The project will accelerate the deployment of renewable hydrogen in the Loire Valley in France by 2025 and will contribute to prepare the future large-scale hydrogen economy along the European Atlantic Coast.


The overall objective of AdvancedH2Valley is to strengthen and accelerate the development of complementary renewable hydrogen projects, promoted by companies and organisations previously involved in pilot projects at local level and willing to scale-up their initiatives and better integrate them on a complete H2 value chain. AdvancedH2Valley will pursue this objective in the framework of an interregional hydrogen valley involving regional and local authorities, companies, local energy providers and universities.


Global decarbonizing industry and mobility

Economic: systematic consideration of
hydrogen production and use in energy
policies. Manufacturers of electrolysers will
accelerate their production capacity to meet
market needs with sales price reductions
benefiting their customers.
Societal: reduction of greenhouse gases
emissions in both energy production and
hydrogen applications.
Political: acceleration towards energy

Sustainable and innovative hydrogen economy

Increased ecosystems with 20 neighbouring
Regions; growing renewable hydrogen
demand and use reduction of costs to
facilitate access to market.

Replication and awareness raising on renewable hydrogen

45 other regions acting as replication sites. Improved public perception of hydrogen
ecosystems. Awareness raised of 500k people and skills increase of 1,3k students on renewable hydrogen.