Showcasing Advanced Hydrogen Valley

in Western France

EU Contribution


The AdvancedH2Valley project is built on successful first achievements of H2Ouest3 and VhyGO (Vallée Hydrogène Grand Ouest4), two hydrogen ecosystems initiated by LHYFE, the world’s first renewable pure player, in 2019.

Project & Objectives

AdvancedH2Valley project aims to foster the Atlantic area’s energy transition and set the standard for clean, green, and renewable hydrogen.


Beyond the environmental impact, AdvancedH2Valley seeks to be a catalyst for positive change, becoming an integral part of the local community, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among neighbouring regions.

Hydrogen Valley

The term ‘Hydrogen Valleys’ refers to a defined geographic area where several hydrogen projects along the value chain are combined together into an integrated hydrogen ecosystem that consumes a significant amount of hydrogen.

Meet our team of expert

In AdvancedH2Valley the consortium ambitions the massification of hydrogen mobility in a larger territory than the three initial regions, which requires a coordinated development of production, distribution and use on Western France.

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Project Coordinator

Olivier Job

Lhyfe: producer and supplier of renewable hydrogen
Development Manager – North-West

Dissemination Manager

Isella Vicini

European Funding Development Director
Warrant Hub S.p.A. CEO, beWarrant S.r.l.

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